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An IRP5 is the employee’s tax certificate that is issued to him/her at the end of each tax year detailing all employer/employee related incomes, deductions and related taxes. It is used by the employee specifically to complete his/her income tax return for a specific year. 

Yes, all taxpayers must request their IRP5s from their employers.

The Tax Year in the south African Context refers to the period 01 March to 28 February. It differs from a calendar year that has the period 01 January to 31 December. 

Here there are a few possibilities:

  • The employee’s income is below the tax threshold
  • The employee has already paid their entire tax liability for the year to date period / tax year
  • A custom item was created and set to “taxed annually”
  • As above, it could also result from a fluctuation in income

Generally, if an employee has a very simple payslip, with only a basic salary for example, the UIF and SDL amounts will be the same. However, there are certain circumstances in which these amounts will differ – this is because UIF is calculated on an amount known as remuneration for UIF purposes while SDL is calculated on remuneration for SDL purposes.

  • Remuneration for UIF purposes is the employee’s total remuneration, less any exclusions. The most notable exclusion from UIF is commission.
  • Remuneration for SDL purposes is generally the same as remuneration for PAYE purposes, namely the employee’s total remuneration less any taxable income deductions, such as from retirement funds. Sometimes, however, additional SDL exclusions will apply.

Tax season is the time period between 1 July  and 30 November of each year when individual taxpayers traditionally prepare financial statements and reports for the previous year.

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